Carbon Offsets

What is a Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsets are a representation of avoided or removed carbon emissions through projects such as forest management, landfill gas capture, and agricultural projects. Plants capture C02 in photosynthesis and use it to grow, decomposing waste produces CO2 and Methane (CH4) which can be captured and refined into fuel, and using responsible farming practices can all help reduce the amount of heat trapping carbon we release into our atmosphere.

How does it work?

Each Offset represents 1 Metric Tonne of Carbon Dioxide emissions avoided or sequestered. That offset can be purchased to balance out the carbon emissions of everyday activities and help reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere. The money from carbon offsets helps support these projects, incentivize responsible carbon management, and sends a message to the carbon market that says “We want less carbon in our atmosphere!”


Verification ensures that the Carbon Offset is accurately representative of the proclaimed emissions. It makes sure that offsets are not double counted or resold once retired. All KMPG carbon offsets are 3rd party verified.