About Keep My Planet Green

Keep My Planet Green is designed to provide the tools you need to reduce pollution, preserve the natural beauty of the Earth, and support a cleaner energy future. Small changes in our everyday lifestyle can make a big impact when we join together. Leaders in the sustainable energy arena, our team of experts is here to help promote cutting edge clean energy technology and the timeless wisdom of “waste not want not.”

Using a combination of energy efficiency, carbon reduction projects and renewable generation, we can help you to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Earth is our home and we are here to preserve it for generations to come.


Keep My Planet Green is a part of the Sterling Planet family of companies.

Sterling Planet

Sterling Planet is a privately held corporation headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Connecticut and Texas. Founded in 2000 as the first company with a nationwide retail offer of wind and other forms of renewable energy, Sterling Planet has since delivered tens of billions of renewable energy kilowatt-hours in both voluntary and mandated markets.

Sterling Planet offers comprehensive carbon reduction solutions for businesses, universities and organizations of all types, bringing together supply and demand side solutions in a rapidly emerging environmental market. The company also develops next-generation solar and bioenergy projects to produce ‘green power’ and is committed to net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its business operations.

For us being green goes beyond borders. We have helped partner organizations bring light and power to remote areas of Africa and raised funds to support technology-based education in Sierra Leone. A little closer to home, we work with Girl Talk, Inc., a program that promotes confidence along with community and environmental stewardship through its curriculum. Sterling Planet strives to promote education and service at home and around the world.

Sterling Analytics

Sterling Analytics develops Energy Efficiency Programs to bring emerging LED lighting technologies to businesses interested in reducing carbon footprints for almost any type of building. A retrofit financing option helps achieve additional value through energy cost savings, reduced maintenance and improved light quality.

Sterling Energy Assets

Sterling Energy Assets works jointly with Sterling Planet Investments to develop and assist clients with financing solutions for building projects aimed at reducing client carbon footprints and creating new sources of renewable power and energy efficiency. Our current project focus is on Distributed Generation and Microgrid assets across the US.